Twin Crown Games is a games studio based in Nigeria. Focusing primarily on games for the Nigerian and broader African audiences. Developing mainly for the Android and iOS platforms.


Early history

Started out as a group of friends many of whom have various creative skills, in the summer of 2012, Breeze(Founder/Producer) graduated from his Bachelors in Computer Games Development and returned to Abuja for a while, during this time the four (4) man group decided to create a small game to showcase their skills. This game turned out to be Keke on the Run which was developed over the course of one (1) month, the game was released in September 2012 and till date has over 100 thousand downloads. At this time we were known as Breezinstein Games


Went on a hiatus when Breeze once again left to attain a Masters degree in Game Design, the program lasted for about a year and during this period, multiple prototypes were worked on, but none were released. Company was renamed Twin Crown Games and work on Mobola started in January 2014 and was released for Android on March 6th. Developement on Toise started immediately afterwards and was released for iOS and Android in April 2014. May 2014 saw the release of an update to Toise and it's release on the Blackberry World, and work began on a remake of Keke on the Run.



Keke on the Run [2012] YouTube

Rupie's Trip [Global Game Jam 2014] YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

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